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Our Team

Mary Wyatt Lyons, J.D., LL.M.


A mediator who has 15 years’ experience as a business and tax  attorney*, as well as 13 years’ experience as  a business owner, is able to immediately understand the types of disputes that business owners face and the issues involved (keeping costs down). In her legal career, she has worked extensively with business and tax transactions as an attorney for the government, as well as a Fortune 500 company. While she found the role of advocate challenging and rewarding, resolving disputes has become her true passion and calling.  

Mary has mediated hundreds of cases, and is highly valued for her ability to connect personally with everyone at the table while drilling down on the issues that can adjust parties’ positions and guide them toward settlement. She is very proactive in helping parties prepare for the mediation by identifying the information that is critical to the negotiations, helping them evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of their positions, and will work tirelessly to facilitate a resolution.  Mary has over 200 hours of mediation and negotiation training from numerous institutions.

LL.M. in Tax with Distinction Georgetown University Law Center    


J.D. with Honors   George Washington University Law School      


D.D.S.   Medical College of Virginia School of Dentistry      

B.A.  University of  Virginia    

* Licensed to practice law in Florida                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Cynthia O'Conner, J.D.



Cynthia O’Conner is an attorney ** that has exclusively practiced as a mediator for 25 years. She has mediated over 600 cases, which have included matters involving healthcare malpractice, employee disputes, debt collection, and other matters involving healthcare professionals and their patients, medical supply, and lab testing companies. Cynthia's experience includes mediating highly emotional and sensitive issues, where both parties demand that the dispute remain confidential. She is known for her professionalism, and facilitating dialog to help the parties with their problem-solving efforts so that they may reach a resolution for their dispute. Cynthia has trained and mentored many mediators and dispute neutrals through the years. Her professional memberships have included the Virginia Bar Association ADR section, Maryland Program Mediator Excellence, Virginia Mediator Network, American Bar Association Dispute Resolution Committee, and United States Supreme Court Bar.

J.D.  Washburn University School of Law

B.S.  University of Tennessee

** Licensed to practice law in Maryland and the District of Columbia