We focus on resolving conflict so that you can get back to what you do best!

Just Resolutions, LLC

Mediation and Negotiation Services

Mary Lyons is an experienced, full-time, professional mediator with Virginia Supreme Court certification, as well as an attorney, and is available to help you resolve disputes quickly, and with less stress and costs than litigation.  

Just Resolutions provides mediation and negotiation services in a wide range of cases, including:

● Business Transactions

● Contract Disputes

● Employment Issues

● Tax Disputes with the IRS

● Partnership/Shareholder Issues 

● Acquisition/Disposition of Businesses 

● Professional Malpractice

● Premises Liability

● Personal Injury

● Business Restructuring/Dissolution

● Landlord/Tenant Issues 

● Creditor's Rights

● Family Issues

● Elder Issues

● Probate

Regardless of the issue that is between you and another business, a client, your business partners, or even between you and your family members, we can help you have a good conversation that will make it much less likely that you will need to hire a lawyer.  Or, if the dispute has already escalated to a lawsuit, we can help you figure out how to settle it.

Clients (with the assistance of their lawyers, if desired) get to talk about the situation on their own terms.  They are invited to say whatever they want to communicate to the other party, and ask whatever questions they need answered in order to move forward.  Especially in cases that concern financial matters, Just Resolutions helps clients make the best possible decisions about how to resolve a stressful situation successfully.  Most often, within a few hours, clients arrive at a settlement they are truly satisfied with.

Mediation provides the greatest likelihood that conflicts can be resolved efficiently and to the satisfaction of all concerned.  If Just Resolutions is employed early, we can eliminate the need for legal fees.  If we’re brought in later, we can put an end to the attorney fees and can quickly and efficiently reach a mutually satisfactory resolution—results that all parties can live with.  

Mediation for Dental Professionals

Although we work with individuals and owners of all types of businesses, Mary Lyons, having practiced dentistry for 13 years, has a special interest in mediation for dental professionals, and an understanding of the issues they face.  So whether a dispute is with a patient (including dental malpractice), a dental supplier, a partner, a landlord or tenant, or a dispute with or between employees, we can help you come to a resolution without the stress, costs, and uncertainty of going to court.  

Also, in many cases where a doctor has an associate who is buying into the practice, the transition and terms of an agreement can be facilitated through mediation. 


We focus on resolving conflict so that you can get back to what you do best! Call us at (804) 503-6974 to schedule a free consultation.


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